About TempDrivers Incorporated




This company was established in 1999 in the state of Oklahoma, formerly known as Drivers & Temps Unlimited. Our management at TempDrivers Incorporated has 36 years of acquired experience in the trucking industry. We strive to provide a quality professional staffing service at a reasonable cost. 


You can rest assured that your driver is a dot qualified professional driver. Subjected to the drug testing requirements of the FMCSA.

With all of the required documents and endorsements to service your account. All of our drivers are subjected to pre-employment, post accident, and random drug testing per US DOT standards.


Drivers Responsibilities


It is our drivers responsibility to make sure that he/she is operating safely. Also that the driver is operating a safe vehicle within compliance with dot standards.. Our driver is required to communicate with you, the customer periodically en-route.


Upon delivery of product, our driver will call in for back haul or additional or instructions as you so designate.



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Conditions Of Service

Customer shall comply with all applicable laws relating to health and safety. Customer agrees that Tempdrivers Inc worker are under customer's Supervision.


Tempdrivers shall be responsible for the payment of all wages, withholding and payment of all required payroll taxes. Tempdrivers Inc is also responsible for the maintenance of workers compensation insurance as required by law.


Customer is responsible for the equipment insurance and up keep. Customer must provide dot qualified equipment for operation by the driver.